31 October 2009

Listen to the prophet

A pivotal part of the Earth's Fall story revolves around an ancient prophecy. Below is an excerpt from the recently translated text; enjoy:

At first there was the sky.

The heavens danced and sang with life, but the earth below was silent.

And in the silence there was sorrow, unknowable to the heavens.

The earth cried in its silence, until finally the heavens cried too.

These tears and this glorious noise of sorrow were the birth of man.

And so it is to this day that man shall be born in the midst of tears into life.

***(missing portion of text)***

And as the lands were filled with man, so too were they filled with hatred and mistrust.

This made the rulers of the sky sorrowful, leading at last to their arrival.

So the great gods on the heavens set upon man the yoke of government, teaching all to follow the true and righteous path.

But many resisted, and the rulers dealt harshly with this ignorance.

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