24 January 2010

Progress update

In case you thought we had forgotten about you, it's not true!

As I mentioned before, we're in the midst of putting the first part of the book together right now, so not much to report, but progress is being made.

We are still hoping to launch of April 10, more about that as we get closer.

Also, I have loaded so low res shots of the first page I stole off Barry's drawing table last night with my cell phone, sorry they aren't high quality.

As always, stay tuned for additional updates, ttfn.


Barry and his work

01 January 2010

Notes from the meeting

Rumor has it there will be a party Saturday, April 10 in Cedar Rapids.

More info coming soon -- stay tuned.

Happy New Year's

Remember, this decade belongs to Earth's Fall. Now is the time to prepare.