28 November 2009

Inventing the invented pt. 2


Jason has made some serious headway on the site. Not much is evident to the public right now, but trust me, it's cool. Be sure to check out the new image on the front page, including some mysterious symbols... What ever could they mean?

Visit the Earth's Fall official web site here.

Inventing the invented

Hey everybody, Tom here.

I invented something the other day that was discovered many, many years ago and has been used by literally millions of people over the ages. But since this is a first for me, I am officially claiming it.

I learned how to make talk bubbles!

It’s ok, no, no you don’t need to give me any awards or accolades.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got for you... Oh, and this: Barry finished his first page the other day. It looks amazing, and we’re right on schedule.

Expect to hear more from us soon after Christmas as we ramp up our marketing effort. We will of course need your help spreading the gospel of Earth’s Fall to every corner of the world ahead of our Spring launch.

Until then, keep on believing.

13 November 2009

Phoenician fun

On Wikipedia, I found this example of a Phoenician religious inscription (with a translation):
Conveniently, "...while the inscription can certainly be read, certain passages are philologically uncertain on account of perceived complications of syntax and the vocabulary employed in the inscription, and as such they have become the source of debate among both Semitists and Classicists." —Jason

Editor's note: Phoenician will likely be used as a base language for some ancient texts which play a vital role in the comic's plot. See a portion of the translated text HERE.

11 November 2009

Art and music

In honor of our ever-growing media empire, Earth's Fall is pleased to introduce the official songwriter for the comic: Hero for Hire

02 November 2009

Micah version 1

Here is an early sketch of the youngest member of the Pawlak family. Enjoy!

01 November 2009

Earth's Fall staff intro


Help me come up with something to put on a t-shirt under this picture. Winner will get a free t-shirt (if we ever make any)!